Our story

biobod was created from a desire to rethink the way we approach caring for sensitive skin. For the longest time possible people with sensitive skin have been largely ignored by the beauty industry, with products created to put out fires rather than actually preventing inflammation and imbalance in the first place.

Our founder Natalie, had spent most of her career working in large beauty companies and as a result had developed highly reactive skin.  She hadn't grown up with sensitive skin, so the inflammation was a direct result of the high levels of actives and preservatives she had smothered on her skin throughout her 20's. 

She started to swing between using ‘pharmacy’ sensitive skin products when her skin was reactive and then when it recovered, she would slip back into old habits only to be left with the tell-tale signs of inflammation again.  She slowly made the connection between the products she was using and the imbalances in her skin and desperately started the search for products that both worked for her skin and she enjoyed using.    

It was during this time that biobod was born.  Over three years Natalie worked with skin scientists to create an intuitive skin care range that worked with the body rather than against it.  Her vision was to go beyond the conventional approach of  treating symptoms, like acne and inflammation and instead rebuild the true foundations of skin health.