The Sensitive Skin Brand for Humans who care

Caring for the planet should not come at the expense of your health, however that can often be the case when you have sensitive skin.  Many sustainable products are laden with irritants and fragrance, often from natural sources, that can cause an inflammatory response in people with sensitive skin.

Knowing this challenge firsthand, we incorporated sustainability and transparency as core principles from day one of our development, not as an afterthought.   We still have a long-way to go, but we are so proud of what we have been able to achieve already.

Our true commitment is to help people use less.  Multi-use products, in larger formats that can be used all over, everywhere on all people.  Also, as skin becomes healthier and more resilient, we naturally need to consume less.  Skin minimalism is the future of sustainability.

  • Rebuild Healthy Skin Using Less

    By helping people achieve healthy and resilient skin and retraining our bodies to look after themselves, we can all become less reliant on products to look and feel great.  We aim to restore skin to a more natural state where it can do what it is supposed to do. This simple notion of skin minimalism is a core principle of our sustainability philosophy.

  • Large Format, Multi-Purpose Products 

    We create multi-functional products for the most sensitive skin, that can also be beneficial for all skin types.  We choose large format packaging which are more cost effective and efficient for our customers and much better for the planet.

  • Rigorous Ingredient Selection

    Our gentle formulations are not only amazing for the health of your body, but are also free from toxins that can pollute our environment including Oxybenzone, Parabens, Triclosan, Fragrance, Sulfates & Microplastics

  • Primary Packaging

    Our primary packaging is over 90% glass, which is endlessly recyclable, and our consumer boxes use only certified FSC cardboard and soy-based inks and are 100% recyclable.

  • Total Packaging

    Plastic makes up less than 7% of our total packaging and we use resins free of BPA, BFA + Phthalate.

  • Shipping Packaging

    Our shipping packaging and mailers use a combination of recycled and FSC cardboard and environmentally safe inks.

  • Zero Waste Products

    We are incredibly proud that our solid cleanse bar and cleanse bar holder, use zero plastic and are 100% waste free.