What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We also accept PayPal. Afterpay to be available soon.

When will my payment method be charged?

Your payment method will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.

Can I make changes to my order?

As soon as an order is processed our fulfilment team start working on your order and we are unable to make changes. Please contact our customer care team at hello@biobod.com.au with your order info and we will do our best to address your request.

What do I do if my product arrived damaged?

Please contact our customer care team at hello@biobod.com.au with your order number and explanation of the problem, and we'll make it right.


Where do you ship?

We ship our products domestically throughout Australia and Internationally to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand United Arab Emirates, UK, USA and Vietnam.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We use Australia Post in Australia and DHL internationally.

Please note: shipping carriers are experiencing delays. Please allow additional time for your biobod parcel to arrive. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

How much does shipping cost?

Australian Shipping: For orders of $50 and over, shipping is free.
For orders under $50, there is a flat shipping rate of $9.

International Shipping: Biobod offers FREE standard shipping for all international orders over $250AUD.
For all orders below $250AUD, a flat shipping rate applies of $30 applies.

When will my order ship?

For most domestic orders we dispatch the product(s) ordered within 3-5 working days* from the payment receipt date. Biobod will send a notification to you by email when your order is dispatched.

Returns & Exchanges

Does biobod accept returns?

Our number 1 priority is our customers, so if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us on hello@biobod.com.au so we can help to resolve any issues you may have.

Visit our returns policy for more information.

I received biobod as a gift. Can I return or exchange it?

Please contact our customer care team at hello@biobod.com.au. Please note that we will need the original order number to refund to the original payment method or exchange.


Do biobod products really work?

They do more than just work. Our products leave your skin looking and feeling healthier and more resilient than ever before. Developed over almost four years in collaboration with talented skin scientists, biobod has completely reimagined the way we approach caring for our skin. We are so confident you will love the products that we provide a 100% happiness guarantee.

What makes biobod different from other beauty products?

Biobod is not just another skincare brand. We believe in creating products that go beyond traditional skincare, focusing on the health and well-being of sensitive individuals. Our range takes a holistic approach by prioritising foundational skin health, helping you achieve the best your skin can be. By addressing the root causes of skin issues and rebuilding the skin's natural mechanisms, our products deliver long-term results backed by science.

How is biobod different from other sensitive skin products?

Unlike many products for sensitive skin that compromise either aesthetics or formula, biobod has taken almost 4 years to create products that eliminate compromise. Our formulas are toxin-free, crafted with proven skin-loving ingredients, and designed to be gentle on the skin while delivering effective results.

Can I use biobod if I have very sensitive skin?

Yes, biobod was specifically created for the most sensitive and reactive skin. We recommend doing a patch test when starting a new product, just to be sure. If you have very sensitive or atopic skin, it's advised to add a new product every few days rather than introducing an entire range simultaneously. If any redness or irritation occurs, please discontinue use and contact our customer care team at hello@biobod.com.au.

Can I use the range if I don't have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! While our range was created with sensitive skin in mind, our foundational approach to skin health has transformative effects on all skin types. We aim to revolutionize the way we care for our skin and prove that we don't need a multitude of products to keep our skin looking great. By rebuilding and supporting the skin's natural mechanisms, we help your skin thrive.

Can I use biobod products during pregnancy?

Yes, biobod is ideal for skin during and post pregnancy. Your skin will change a lot throughout pregnancy and using a range that has been created for the most sensitive and fragile skin will support your skin throughout the porcess. The range contains NO Retinoids (Vitamin A Derivative), Benzoyl Peroxide, Thioglycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Hydroqunione, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Sls), Botulinim Toxin Aka Botox, Essential Oils or Fragrance. 

When in doubt, always chat to your doctor or healthcare professional.

Can I use the range if I'm over 50?

Definitely! As we age, our skin's natural defenses become weakened, making it vulnerable to sensitivities and premature signs of aging. By strengthening the skin's core foundational health, our range helps restore softness, brightness, and vitality to mature skin.

Can men use biobod?

Yes, 100%! Many men claim to have more sensitive skin than women, and ironically, many products marketed towards men include known allergens and harsh ingredients. We have many men who are happily using biobod products and experiencing amazing results.

How long until I see results?

You should start feeling an improvement in your skin after just a few days of using biobod products. Within 1-2 weeks, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of your skin.

Will biobod heal my eczema?

biobod products are not medicated, so we cannot guarantee that they will heal any skin condition. However, our products have been created to support individuals with problem skin. With our 100% Happiness Guarantee, you can feel confident that we have your back.

Is biobod good for Rosacea?

Whilst biobod products are not medicated, we have many rosacea sufferers in our biobod tribe. The two most popular products for people with rosacea would be our Hydra-Soothe Replenishing Serum and our Barrier Restore Nutrient Oil. With our 100% Happiness Guarantee, you can feel confident that if any products do not work for your skin, we will refund them.

Can I use biobod products on my face?

Yes, our products are so gentle they can be used on your face and almost everywhere on your body. While they were created with the face in mind, we provide large packaging so you can also use them on your body if desired.

Can I use biobod with other skincare products?

Sure, biobod plays well with other skincare products.

What is the expiry on biobod products?

Unopened products have a shelf life of 36 months, and once opened, they are best used within 6 months.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We are passionate about creating a sustainable future. Over 90% of our primary packaging is glass, which is endlessly recyclable. Our consumer boxes are made from certified FSC cardboard and use soy-based inks, making them 100% recyclable. Plastic makes up less than 7% of our total packaging, and we use resins free of BPA, BFA, and Phthalate. Our shipping packaging and mailers use a combination of recycled and FSC cardboard, along with environmentally safe inks. We are proud to offer our solid cleanse bar and cleanse bar holder, which use zero plastic and are 100% waste-free.

Are your products safe for all ages?

Yes biobod was created to be safe for use by the whole family. However always perform a patch-test when starting a new product on a child


What is the biome advantage?

The biome advantage is our proprietary technology that works to restore the natural mechanisms of skin health: Rebalance Microbiome, Restore Skin Barrier and Reset Calm.

What allergens do you cater to?

We are proud to be free from nuts, soy, fragrance, parabens, triclosan, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, colorants, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate.

Are biobod products vegan?

All biobod products are vegan with the exception of our Probiotic Salvation Balm which contains ultra pure medical grade lanolin.

The lanolin we use is called Medilan which is a by-product of the wool industry and is considered exceptionally naturally and sustainable. Not only does it utilise a waste material, it is generally collected from sheep grazing on land unsuitable for agriculture. The annual removal of a sheep's fleece is an essential part of maintaining an animal's health and wellbeing and is retrieved without any negative harm or impact to the animal. se this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Are biobod products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Our products are only tested on sensitive humans.

Are biobod products preservative-free?

All biobod products are preservative-free, except for our Replenishing Hydra-Soothe Serum. However, even in this product, we utilise two skin conditioning ingredients that help support gentle preservation while still maintaining the stability and freshness of the product.

Are biobod products paraben and sulfate-free?

Yes, biobod products are free from parabens and sulfates.

Are your ingredients 100% natural?

As sensitive humans, we have discovered that many "natural" ingredients can irritate our skin. Our range is 97% plant-derived, and the remaining ingredients are very safe natural identical synthetic ingredients. This ensures that our products perform without causing reactions.

Are biobod products Fragrance Free?

Yes the biobod range is 100% Fragrance Free and Essential Oil Free.

Do your products contain steroids?

Absolutely not. Our products do not contain steroids or any other medication.


Where can I buy biobod products?

Biobod is currently only available on our website.

How do I unsubscribe from emails or SMS?

Simply click the unsubscribe link on the email, or return SMS as instructed.

How can I collaborate with biobod?

If you are interested in a collaboration with biobod, pleae reach out via email at hello@biobod.com.au

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