Angie Smith...Stylist, Creative Consultant, Mother and Beautifully Human

Angie Smith...Stylist, Creative Consultant, Mother and Beautifully Human

Who is Angie Smith?..please provide a little bio.
I’m a stylist and creative consultant based on Sydney’s Northern beaches. 

What was your path that led you to becoming a stylist? 
I interned on a magazine and that lead to a job as their fashion assistant, I was there for 5 years before going freelance and have had my own business now for over 20 years.

What other jobs (if any) did you do before becoming a stylist? 
Lots of waitressing.

Tell us a little about your new venture Angie’s Edit and how styling for everyday people differs (if at all) from styling celebrities?
I’m obsessed with the clothes that people wear everyday, basic items are what I’ve always been really interested in, I get excited about a good white t-shirt etc, I wanted to create a community where I could keep people up to date with my weekly finds.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
The everyday, people watching.

What do you love about living in Australia?  
I love the laid back attitude to life, I’ve never felt so at home somewhere.

Do you miss the UK? If so, what do you miss?
Friends and being so close to Europe.

Can you share a vivid memory from your childhood that shaped who you are today?
I always loved making my mum’s sarongs into dresses and all different styles. I remember twisting the fabric to make straps and wearing them with these big baggy t-shirts that I wore a lot, pretty similar to my style now.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your life to-date?
I think it would be learning to accept myself. I’m an introvert and it used to take me so much energy to be on set everyday with lots of people. I think a lot of people can mistake shyness for standoffishness, I’m so much happier since becoming a mum and working from home.

How has becoming a parent influenced your perspective on life?
It’s made me slow down and enjoy the moment instead of rushing onto the next thing.

How do you navigate self-doubt and overcome creative blocks?
I’m quite good at not doubting myself, I trust my gut and it’s usually right, if I feel blocked I just take time out or go for a walk.

Could you describe your favourite "happy place" or a sanctuary that brings you peace and rejuvenation?
I’m very happy where I live now, sitting on the beach and looking at the water makes me feel instantly lighter

What rituals or self care practices do you embrace (if any)?
I walk as much as I can and do pilates, I find both give me happy endorphins

How do you maintain balance in your life?
I listen to my gut and my body, both tell me as soon as either isn’t feeling right and I act on that.

How has your perception of beauty evolved throughout your life?
I think as you get older beauty becomes less about an aesthetic and more about a feeling,  everyone can feel beautiful when they listen to their bodies and treat them well.  I also think after having a baby and seeing them grow up you realise how we are all born as nature intended and you shouldn’t mess with that.  

What is your philosophy on sustainability in the fashion industry?
I think we all need to do our bit and educate ourselves on the damage that fast fashion is doing.  I’ve always been a big advocate of buying less and wearing more after years of going through clients wardrobes and hearing reoccurring moans of not having anything to wear yet being stressed because their wardrobes were over flowing. When I edited the wardrobes so that they were dramatically reduced and showed them how to put the pieces that they had left together suddenly they found that they where wearing more.  

Beyond your work, what are you passionate about?
Music, food, looking after myself.

What was the last book that you read?
Where the crawdads sing.

What was the last TV show you watched?
White Lotus.

What destination is at the top of your bucket list?
South America.

Angie's Favourite's

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