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The nutrient oil is liquid gold!

The Barrier Restore Nutrient Oil is an amazing facial oil that leaves my skin looking and feeling fantastic. I can see myself becoming a long term customer! You only need a couple of drops, so a little goes a long way. My skin texture has improved considerably since I started using it. It's probably my alltime favourite skincare product!

The Probiotic Salvation Balm is great on dry skin, not too heavy, easily absorbed but still nourishing. I use it on my lips and dry skin on my hands. It would be great if it came in smaller containers to carry around for use as lip balm.

I love this cleansing bar!

I use this bar twice a day and my skin feels clean but still hydrated. Perfect for my sensitive skin. And I love the packaging of the Biobod products. 💕

Great products

I was a little hesitant about this product because my skin is very sensitive but I have been pleasantly surprised! I don’t find this to be drying on my skin, especially not when used in combination with the other biobod products. The Rest is a beautiful product and looks great in the bathroom.

Not for eczema

I'm afraid this doesn't help eczema-damaged skin at all, in my case; neither relieving the sensations nor causing any noticeable healing, even on merely dry patches after the inflammation has gone down. It doesn't work for me as a lip balm either. It may be good if you have a different problem.

Mini Trial Kit
Vanessa Hewson
Great trial pack

I love being able to try products before buying full size. I really liked the oat cleanse powder, it softly cleansed and I like that you’re not paying for water. The hydrating serum was amazing and I will buy full size soon. I liked the barrier oil but found it similar to the one I also use. I didn’t find the barrier balm useful. I have rosacea and really chapped lips and it didn’t change either of those. The whole return was gentle on my sensitive skin and I think with longer term use would help improve my skin barrier. A week in though and there was no reduction of redness from my rosacea.

OMG! The BEST combo for my dry and flaky legs!

I know it's probably not meant for this BUT I mixed together a bit of the balm and a few squirts of the oil and rubbed it all over my dry and flaky legs and it felt so nice and the next day my legs were still smooth and hydrated! This is going to be my new hack for winter.


Having oily yet sensitive skin, I have always stayed away from face oils as they irritate my skin. This oil is life changing, My ageing neck is in love and my face is glowing. I tried the trial (travel) kit and ran out and now cant live without. Just purchased the full size oil. Now I just need an extra large bottle for my body, my arms and legs so desperately need it. Thank you for the great customer service Jess.


Mini Trial Kit
Michelle Robertson
Mini trial set

Great idea to try and perfect for travel.
Loved all the products and will definitely purchase larger sizes.

Mini Trial Kit
Stephanie Lavatch
Love the size.

I love that you can try this before buying full size I really liked it so bought the large size made my skin feel clean not tight

Mini Trial Kit
Suzanne Cross
Mini trial set

Love all these products. Great to be able to try them all before the bigger purchase!
The cleanser is wonderful so I have bought the full size and will most likely add the serum soon.
Gentle, goes a long way and no scent which is great. Good service too!

Beautiful product

I have used plenty of facial oils over the years but this one by Biobod is by far my favourite. I'm prone to dry, flaky skin but since using the Nutrient Oil my skin has been moisturised and overall more even toned. The huge bottle is also amazing! I've been using morning and night and a small amount goes a long way.

The bomb

Had to top up as this is now a staple. .y rosacea skin feels nice and settled. I also use the oil and then Coat to seal. Redness has reduced yay!

Skin changing!

Love this balm for my dry, sensitive prone skin. Keeps my skin supple, moist and bouncy.

All I need for my skin - no 16 step routine for me!

I’ve always tried new so called skin improving products and routines and suffered for it - financially as well as physically. Sore red skin takes a toll but thankfully Biobod makes my skin beautiful and my bank balance a little healthier too!

my new go to serum

I have dry mature sensitive skin and this serum has become a foundation of my post menopausal skincare routine.

beautiful luxe holder

love this

I love these products!

I can't recommend this range enough! Not only do I need my products to be Australian made and owned, they also need to feel soothing and hydrating. The products leave my skin feeling ah-mazing, supple, plump and hydrated. At times my skin feels dry and tight, with this range my skin has never felt better! Soothes, nourishes for beautiful glowing skin. 10/10

Natural product, great results

This cleanser is so lovely to use. It is a silky smooth powder made of natural ingredients and with a little water cleans your skin without leaving any tightness or redness.
Also a big tick to Biobod for their dedication to sustainable packaging. Well done!

My skin is breathing a sigh of relief

This combo of serum and oil has improved my skin in only a few weeks. My skin feels more elastic, smoother and best of all, it always feels comfortable meaning it never feels tight, greasy or irritated. And because you do use more serum than oil, packaging 2 serums to 1 oil is very handy and cost effective. Thanks Biobod! I love these products.

After 6 months using this range…

My skin is the one area I feel like I have my life together. Thanks biobod!

Replenishing hydra soothe serum

So gentle on skin, very hydrating yet has not broken me out or compromised my skin!

I was a little worried at first, using an oil on my face but this Nutrient Oil is amazing! It is not heavy nor leaves any residue, I use one drop for my whole face and it absorbs beautifully! I use it AM and PM after the Rice and Oat Cleanser and Hydra Serum. It's been over 6 weeks since I've started using it and it's barely made a dent in the bottle!

I have been using the Rice & Oat Cleansing Powder for about 6 weeks now and it feels really nourishing on my skin and seems to have evened out my skin tone. I also like to make a paste and use it as a masque about once a week which is beautiful, my skin feels soft and well taken care of.

The best

I use this oil morning and night- its the best oil i've used in 15 years. Superor to straight jojoba, rosehip or any of the more expensive oil combination products i've tried. Exceptionally nourishing but also feels light on the skin. 10/10.