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Four simple things that make a real difference: sustainability

Sustainability begins at home

Sustainability begins at a personal and grassroots community level. One of the most effective ways that we can all contribute towards a sustainable community begins with our purchasing habits. So, here are four things you can do to make a real difference:

Purchase less

We all need retail therapy from time to time, and it certainly has its place. But it’s good to make a conscious effort to consume less. Or maybe find another vice, like red wine, in a recyclable glass bottle…in moderation of course!!

Purchase quality

When you do need to make a purchase, purchase quality products that last. Higher quality often means a higher price tag. This can be off putting. But the truth is that better quality lasts longer and is more sustainable. When you invest in quality items like clothing, they can become heirloom pieces that you pass down. Not only will you enjoy wearing them more, but they will end up being much more economical over time. I’ve bought jackets and woollens that have lasted several years because they were made well, with quality, natural fibres. I’ve also bought cheap t-shirts for the kids that lasted one wash, turning out to be not so cheap after all. If something seems too cheap for what it is, I can guarantee you, that somewhere along the supply chain, either a person or the planet got taken advantage of.

Purchase for good

Try to only buy goods from companies that practise good corporate social responsibility (CSR). Most businesses like to publicise their CSR initiatives on their company websites, so you can easily do some digging and sort the goodies from the baddies.  

Purchase local

This is just good old fashioned common sense. If a product is made in your city, your town or your neighbourhood, then it hasn’t travelled halfway around the world to get to you. That’s what sustainability is about. And it’s also good for the local economy.